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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Contest is live!

Yes! It took a while, but the contest at Crockett's Books here in Trail B.C. is now live!


Simple! Go in, buy a book, and write your name and phone number on the back of your receipt. Drop that in the lovely gift wrapped box, and you are entered.
It can't be any easier.
This contest is running from now, until December 27th, when the winner will be drawn at random. So what can you win in this basket? Well...let's take a look shall we!
With an estimated value of about $150 you really can't go wrong with this prize. Almost all the books/comics were donated. The little envelope on the front is a $50 gift card. So even if you don't like a single work inside this basket, you can buy something else in the store you do like...but take a look at that book dead centre. Zombies...cmon, can you really go wrong with a zombie book?
Please take a minute to share this, let's get some traffic going into our only local book store!