The power to create a world, solely from the words written by your own mind, is a gift that should never be hidden.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

It has been one heck of a ride...

Some of you may know that I have been working on something very special as of late. Some of you, may not. Regardless of which group you fall into I am now here to say...I have had a ton of fun. Yep, I even learned something new along the way. OK I have learned A LOT of somethings along the way.
Without further ado, here is what has been happening.
I have been given the chance to write for a company called Melodee Aaron Entertainment. Basically it is a publishing company that does things a little different. The term publishing company doesn't even do them justice. Their fingers are into so many pies, one could see a book become a TV show, or a movie, all within the same company. To say, they do it all, is an understatement.
Instead of taking a look at what you have written, they want to see what you can do. Let's be honest. If even the worst writer can spit out a book than spend 100's if not 1000's of dollars and get it polished to perfection. The work can not speak for itself. So what MAE does is gives you assignments. You write them out for them, time frame, and cutoff included, and submit them back for review. I have to admit, it was a roller coaster ride sometimes. There were days I thought for sure I was done. Other days I felt really good about my work, only to have it come back with so many mistakes it looked like a 4th grader had written it.
The thing is, after almost 6 weeks, I am now at what I believe to be the end. The last assignment. Granted I have thought this before, but that was because I was so sure I was going to be dropped. This time there are certain signs that out the next email could be the big one.
Regardless of the outcome, if I am accepted or not, I have to say I am happy with my work. I know it wasn't the best words ever written in the history of the world, but in the end it was MY best. No matter the outcome, I learned so much from this experience that no matter what I write from now on it will be even better then before.
This has been a trip well worth the time, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity. I can't say that enough. The person that gave me this chance needs nothing from me. There is nothing I can do for them that they can't already do for themselves. They gave me a chance to show my skills, and even if I haven't come out shining like a new star in the sky, I have come out smiling.
This is the first time I haven't had an assignment in so long it actually feels a little weird to not be on a deadline. I think...I think it is time to write.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What time is Mr. Wolf?

It is an old children's game. Some of you might not remember it, but I do. What is the reference to this blog post you may ask? Well, it is 11 o-clock here and at my midnight the princess looses her carriage and the horses turn back into mice.
Stop being so damn cryptic you say?
Okay, you got it.
For those of you who know me well you already know this. I have been writing like a madman for a publishing company that I am hoping will decide to pick me up. You see, they do things quite different here. Instead of me handing them what I have written and hoping they fall mindlessly in love with it. I am given a chance to prove I can write well and every step of the way they give me incredibly useful, sometimes painful, advice, and correction about my craft.
I have progressed farther than most in this little endeavour but now as I am nearing the end it is what I am referring to as the "11th hour" or "Do or Die" for those not quite as old as I am. My skills in creating a story have been proved. I have shown I can work inside a deadline. Now I am being held back by one, tiny, little thing.
Yes, for the life of me I can not seem to understand the basic rules of comma usage. I have read pages, and pages of rules. I have printed them out and read them at work between customers while my boss gives me dirty looks. I even have a copy sitting right here next to me as we speak.
I just don't seem to get it.
The lessons I have learned in this process have been invaluable to me. Those alone I will take and cherish. I just find it rather sad to know that all this work that I have done has a very distinct chance of falling down around my shoulders, all because of one little spot of ink in a sentence.
On one page I was reading the rules about comma's and it said it so simply.
If you read the sentence out loud, and you pause, that is where the comma should go. Ignore the rules they are always changing anyway.
Shame that doesn't work for me, but it would be nice right?

P.S. No comma's were hurt in the making of this blog. Although, I am sure I misused at least two or three up there.