The power to create a world, solely from the words written by your own mind, is a gift that should never be hidden.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ideas and Planting

While in Chapters today I broke from the family for a short while and did a quick scout of the fantasy and SciFi sections. (No I didn't see my name yet, that's not a surprise though.) I wasn't really looking for anything but did manage to find a new series called 'The Codex Alera' By Jim Butcher. It looked interesting so when I went to relieve my wife from watching our kids I took it with me to read the first few pages and see if I would like it. On the way to the play area I was hit with inspiration. I can't say if it was something I saw on the cover of a book or just a single word that hit home but I thought of an entirely new plot for a whole new book. Now that isn't really out of the normal for me I do think of plenty but most I dismiss cause they won't work or after more thought it just comes across as dumb. THIS time though the idea stuck. I rolled it around inside of my head for a while and it just sounded better. I tossed it to my wife (who usually tells me if there is a problem with it) and she said it sounded good. So for the whole two hour drive home I rolled the seed around and planted it to see what it would grow. I now have the first chapter laid out in my head and really need to get it onto paper to see how it starts panning out. Worst case scenario it is a flop, but I don't think so, I think this plant is going to grow. The leaves are sprouting already, I can see them.

So on that note, where is the oddest place you have ever had an idea that you really had to get onto paper?
And on another note, I need a name for my main character in this work. He will be cast in classic mid evil style area. As for age I need him to start in pre-teens to very early teens, he needs to grow with the book.
Suggestions? Let me know, you might end up naming the main character in a smash hit! Who knows?!


Friday, 25 March 2011

Round 2 aka Another Contest!

Well I may be down but I am not out! I have found another contest much like the last one I came in #21 (cough maybe). This time you have to pitch your book in 140 characters or less. Ouch. I had a very hard time keeping it to 2-3 paragraphs so 140 chars is going to be a very, very, tight squeeze.

So here are the rules !

1. Follow my blog and/or twitter (@Shelley_Watters) (already followed her = woot)
2. Sign up for the blogfest using the link below.  (done and done)
3. Spread the word about the contest (via blog/twitter/etc). (doing it as we speak!)
3. On April 1st and 2nd, post your 140 character twitter pitch on your blog. (time travel req)
4. Go visit the other contestants and provide comments/critiques on their pitch. (on my way!)
5. On April 3rd, in the comments section of my contest blog, post: (haven't perfected time travel yet)
  • Title, Genre and Word Count
  • Your polished 140 character twitter pitch
  • Where you follow me (blog/twitter). Please include your twitter handle.
  • Link to where you spread the word (twitter/blog etc)
  • Your email address where you can be contacted.
So get polishing your 140 character Twitter pitch!

Now I just need to polish my 140 characters... this... is the hard part. Here is my first attempt coming in at 138 characters. It isn't supposed to be up till the 1st according to the rules but I'm sure it will change a few times before now and then. Take a read!

Version #1
When the suns fury destroys our world will you be one of those destroyed or one of the changed? Dawn survives but her path isn't set, yet.
Version #2
Dawn survives the suns remapping of earth,so many others didn't. No one could see the changes as myths and prehistory starts walking again.

Let me know what you think! Does it have grab, hook, voice? Let me know in the comments section.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

No longer waiting...

I didn't place in the top 20... That can only mean I came in #21 right? So close! It's OK though, this is my first time EVER entering any kind of contest and I didn't really think I would place. My work is good but I'm not going to kid myself. It's not perfect, yet. So this is a good a time as any to take a step back and look at my first chapter again. I have had some good feedback from people on it and it is generally well accepted but it doesn't quite have that 'snap' that it needs. It has to pull people in and make them want to read more, then more and even more. The story is there I just need the right hook.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Here I sit and wait...

So the contest entry period has ended and for now all entries are being read. Mine is in there. I have never entered a writing contest yet this is the very first. I would be VERY happy to just hit the top 20. From what I can tell there are at least 140 entries... Now the rules say that you can enter without posting to your blog or to the list they provided so I am sure more than a few more timid writers posted this way. I have no means to know how many entered but I could see at least 200, giving any one person a 1 in 10 chance of hitting the top 20. Of course your writing increases the odds a ton :) Here is to hoping that I can get in there, maybe even the top 3?
Ohh and on a totally different note I am doing a guest blog for a friend on Friday. This is my first time ever for such a thing and I have defiantly topped the wacky meter on this one, Stop by her page on Friday and check it out!