The power to create a world, solely from the words written by your own mind, is a gift that should never be hidden.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Here I sit and wait...

So the contest entry period has ended and for now all entries are being read. Mine is in there. I have never entered a writing contest yet this is the very first. I would be VERY happy to just hit the top 20. From what I can tell there are at least 140 entries... Now the rules say that you can enter without posting to your blog or to the list they provided so I am sure more than a few more timid writers posted this way. I have no means to know how many entered but I could see at least 200, giving any one person a 1 in 10 chance of hitting the top 20. Of course your writing increases the odds a ton :) Here is to hoping that I can get in there, maybe even the top 3?
Ohh and on a totally different note I am doing a guest blog for a friend on Friday. This is my first time ever for such a thing and I have defiantly topped the wacky meter on this one, Stop by her page on Friday and check it out!

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