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Friday, 25 March 2011

Round 2 aka Another Contest!

Well I may be down but I am not out! I have found another contest much like the last one I came in #21 (cough maybe). This time you have to pitch your book in 140 characters or less. Ouch. I had a very hard time keeping it to 2-3 paragraphs so 140 chars is going to be a very, very, tight squeeze.

So here are the rules !

1. Follow my blog and/or twitter (@Shelley_Watters) (already followed her = woot)
2. Sign up for the blogfest using the link below.  (done and done)
3. Spread the word about the contest (via blog/twitter/etc). (doing it as we speak!)
3. On April 1st and 2nd, post your 140 character twitter pitch on your blog. (time travel req)
4. Go visit the other contestants and provide comments/critiques on their pitch. (on my way!)
5. On April 3rd, in the comments section of my contest blog, post: (haven't perfected time travel yet)
  • Title, Genre and Word Count
  • Your polished 140 character twitter pitch
  • Where you follow me (blog/twitter). Please include your twitter handle.
  • Link to where you spread the word (twitter/blog etc)
  • Your email address where you can be contacted.
So get polishing your 140 character Twitter pitch!

Now I just need to polish my 140 characters... this... is the hard part. Here is my first attempt coming in at 138 characters. It isn't supposed to be up till the 1st according to the rules but I'm sure it will change a few times before now and then. Take a read!

Version #1
When the suns fury destroys our world will you be one of those destroyed or one of the changed? Dawn survives but her path isn't set, yet.
Version #2
Dawn survives the suns remapping of earth,so many others didn't. No one could see the changes as myths and prehistory starts walking again.

Let me know what you think! Does it have grab, hook, voice? Let me know in the comments section.


  1. Hi. I think in a case like this, where you only have 140 max, you have to get to the crux of the story without too much else. I don't think you should use 'you', in 'will you be one of those.....' If the story is about Dawn, focus on her.
    Hope this helps.
    I still haven't signed up, but thinking about it.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the input! It was a tough call with such a short space to write in. I'm hoping the "you" brings the reader in with a personal question. We will see what others think.

  3. ...when the sun's fury destroys the world, everything will be crispy. Tell me about Dawn instead.

    Might want to repost this up top so it's easy to find :)

  4. Very hard to explain the changes in the world but there are a few pockets that have survived. As for Dawn... she is a very interesting survivor. You will have to read about her more when I'm in print :)

  5. i agree with other comments...i'd like to know about dawn and the changed and what her conflict is. great premise keep on writing! you must be doing something right because i am curious to read more
    douglas esper

  6. The public speaks, I will listen! 140 char's is rough but if you want to read more then that is what I call a hook :)

  7. This could be really good, but I'm curious who the main character is.


    Actually Dawn is the main character, but you don't get to find that out at first... It would seem wierd to write the 140 chars about the guy you meet first only to learn later he isn't the main character.

  9. Version two definitely has more of the story in it, but I think "myths and prehistory starts walking again" sounds a bit vague. Maybe something like "Dawn survives the sun remapping Earth only to find herself in the midst of a prehistoric fight" would work. You've got an interesting idea here, just make sure you're concise and pack in a lot of voice.

  10. Thank you. The biggest problem with 140 chars is how to fit post apocalyptic, religious, science fiction, fantasy, young adult in there... You really just can't... I am trying though, believe you me!