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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Past, Present, and Future!

When I created this web page my wife gave me heck for putting up the title,
"Who knew one could butcher the English language so bad" it turns out that I was correct even before I knew I was correct...
My last post spoke of my workings with MAE and my hopes for my future. I didn't get accepted (for now) but the door has not been closed. That is a very, very important thing to remember. I have been told that when (not if, there is no if) I can get the editing side down on my work to a much more manageable level I am welcome to reapply.
To keep the descriptive parts of the my latest email from MAE short, for those who just come here for a joke or two, or got lost when they were searching for something from India. (Hi to all my visitors from there. Still seeing I am VERY popular in your part of the world.) MAE wants to sign me. They like (love?) my creative abilities. There is one glaring problem though. My abilities in grammar and punctuation are tipping the scales to poor side of the seesaw. I am being kind to myself. I need help and lots of it. My friends and followers pretty much already knew that . Up until now I basically ignored that fault as it wasn't as important to me as it should have been.
That...was a VERY bad idea on my part. I am now 38 years old and going back to school kids. I have already visited our tiny little college to sign up for a grammar basics course as well as ordering a grade 12 English and grammar book of amazon. *used for only 15 bucks!* Not to mention I am finding any, and all, free classes I can via the Internet. I need... let me stress this... I NEED to figure out how to make my writing better and quickly.

I am Charlie. I am at the gates of the Chocolate factory, and I have my golden ticket. All I need do now is push open the door and step through.

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  1. awe, good luck though! Bummer! This is why I prefer scripts over novels. I think they are easier to write.