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Friday, 6 January 2012

The Weather Network killed my inner child.

Do you remember when you were a child? You would wake up in the morning, throw open the curtains and look out at the brand new, fresh, sparkling layer of deep and perfect snow. It was all you could do to contain yourself as your mother forced you to wolf down some kind of breakfast. Those mornings it didn't even matter if what you were being forced to eat was puffed wheat. (Yes we ate that, no it didn't have fruit in it) You ate it quickly, only to rush to the door and start pulling on that 20 pounds of snow gear.
The back door bursts open and you dove headfirst into a field of fun. Eventually your friends would all show up, or you would go to their places, and the group of you would march off to that sweet spot... The one place you all knew about where the hills were steep, the snow was deep, and an inevitable snowball fight would commence...
Fast forward to today...
I don't leap out of bed anymore, it's more of a slow roll. I don't throw open the curtains to a field of white, since I watched, read, used my smart phone, anything to get the weather report last night, and it said that there was no chance of any precipitation. Same as the day before. We all know the weather can't really be predicted longer than a day or two, but within the next 24 hours they seem to have it pretty close, most of the time. So the magic of finding over a foot of the white stuff has turned to the doldrums of knowing it did nothing.
Of course sometimes they get it wrong...
But not last night. In fact as far as snow goes we have received the short end of the stick this winter. My kids don't seem to mind, but they are still young enough to not really know what they are missing. If we ever did get a real snowfall around here, it would blow their minds!
I guess it is a good thing I have some friends in high places to help them out.

My friend works for the city and it seems they don't mind helping kids having a little fun now and again. With a little bit of convincing, (not much at all really) he dropped a few scoops of the white stuff on my sparse front lawn. It already has provided a few hours of entertainment for my little ones and should the weather man ever tell us to expect more, it will make a great base.

So what is the most special, most magical thing you can remember being a child in the winter time? Did you even have snow? Are your winters full of sand and surf? I would love to hear from you.


  1. You may also notice on the top right...FIRE JUMPER is sitting at 101% yep, it's over done...Editing it as we speak and it should be available in as little as 2 weeks!

  2. I have pictures of my brother, sister and me in shorts on Christmas day, riding our bikes that "Santa" brought us. I'm from Florida.

  3. We got bikes one year as well. Rode them in the snow, it didn't hurt as much when you crashed. :)
    Thanks for the visit Lisa!

  4. This is so true. I laugh that I used to spend as much time as I could in the snow while growing up. Play in it so long that my hands and feet felt like blocks of ice hanging from ropes. Rolled in it. Tunneled. Built igloos and chairs out of it. Ate it. Lie in it until I couldn't ignore the freezing cold. Now, I'll watch it. I like pictures of it. But as soon as it starts to fall, I lock myself in the house, start a fire in the fireplace, and refuse to touch the snow in any capacity. Funny how we "grow up". I see why Peter Pan stayed a kid.