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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Son

Sorry for the lack of posts, seems what with editing, trying to write, writing and general life problems I have let this blog slide a touch. My bad...

So what's new? Well my 5yr old son has just started his first sport. BMX Racing. He really loved riding on the track by himself, so we asked him if he wanted to try and race. Turns out he did, and he loves it. Just one minor problem, we may have taught him the life lessons of sharing, and helping others too well.
He has no real competitive drive.
Don't get me wrong, he likes going fast, but when he actually catches up to someone else, he doesn't feel the need to pass them. He just hangs out behind and rides casually, up...and down...the bumps.
So the real question is, as a parent that wants to see my sons name at the top of the list, do I push him to try harder even though he is perfectly happy where he is. Or do I just let him do his thing and keep coming in last.
Before you get after me, dear readers, I want you to know that I am happy no matter what he chooses. He is having fun and that is all that really matters, it's just more of a me problem. Who doesn't want their son to come in first after all?
I congratulate him regardless of how well he does. I offer him tips to go faster, in a positive manor, but in the same token I don't lie to my son. He asks if he won and I tell him nope, not this time buddy. Maybe next one...
Sometimes being a good parent is really hard.
Kudos to my wife who does this 24 hours a day.
And there is my boy waiting for his next turn to go. Yes, that is a pie plate with his number on it, next time he will get a real one.

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