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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Spider Trap

First of all, let me say this, YAY! We have INTERNET!

Yep, modem crashed and been a while to get a new one that actually works. What else is new you might ask?
Well, am I ever glad that you did...

First of all. We have moved! Yes, as in physically moved. We have left behind the town of no future for my children, and brought them to my home town of, at least the pool is open 7 days a week and you can buy things you need without driving 2-3 hours. It should be a VAST improvement.
It took two moving trucks. One a 28 foot, slow as a frozen mountain goat, tranny stopped shifting 5 minutes from our destination, behemoth of a monster vehicle, and a much nicer, zippier, small cube van, to get all of our belongings from ye old homestead to the new one. The trip was the easy part. The hard part? Seems I am no longer capable of determining how many things will fit inside a vehicular conveyance. My wife is now in charge of that department, should it ever come up again. And when she tells me. "We need more boxes." I will now go, and get more boxes.
Of course, I hope to never move again. Ever.
And the house we have found ourselves in now? It is in need of some work. The good news is, I still have the foresight to plan ahead financially, and we are progressing on the updates at a decent speed. The upstairs is doing very well, the basement...needs some work. In particular my new 'shop'.
Which I have named, The Spider Trap.
Well, here is one little tidbit of information you don't need to know, but will want to learn anyway.
When you leave a whole bunch of old canning jars laying open on a shelf for a an extended period of time, spiders will inevitably crawl over them, fall inside, and never find a way back out. Thus, creating a...spider trap.
Seems the old owner of this house had a thing for saving old canning jars, with no lids, and the aforementioned idea came to be.
Our house is a spider trap, but that's okay, we are working to correct that situation...
First step, get rid of all these jars.

Now, on a completely different topic, you may be thinking, what about the book sales from last month? How did I do?
Well, I am happy to announce I will be donating almost $100 to the Pines Bible Camp rebuilding fund. I had really hoped for more, but I am happy to give what I can. If you should still wish to donate directly you can still do so here. I know they have more work to be done.

And lastly? Yes, I know, big blog post, get on with it...
I hope to be doing a re-release of "The Event" in cover, new edit, and perhaps a few more words. Keep your eyes pealed. Big things are coming.



  1. Now the big question, do you now live close enough to pop into VCON for the day?

  2. Sadly, no, I moved 1 hour farther away from Van...however the local bookstore owner said if I get my work in print he would be happy to host a book signing for me!
    Close enough?

  3. Hope you have a long happy life in your new home..... Need to catch up soon.