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Monday, 19 November 2012

December Contest, and Free stuff!

So, as of late, I have been bloging mostly about the move, my family, know, personal stuff. Well, perhaps it's time to get back to the writing blog for a single hit.

And here you have it.

December is the month for the re-release of 'The Event'.

Yes, this time with (hopefully) a bigger bang, more for your buck and a contest with actual prizes.

The idea is, I have enlisted our local book stores help and he has agreed, even though my work is currently only available via ebook, to help with some promotion. (With luck I will have a paperback available too, however I don't want to say that, just it case it is late)

So, with a little help from the community, namely, YOU, I will be doing a free giveaway of my short stories, and a contest, with prizes, during the week of Christmas. So here is the best part...

Have a copy of your e-book, real book, book marks, sweaters, knitted socks, anything you want to donate as a prize? Let me know and I will do my best to get it together before Dec 20th. This is when the whole thing is going to go viral.

It also happens to be my Mothers birthday :-)

So let me know in a personal note, an email, or here in the comments, and let me help you get some facetime!
Let's get the word out that -The Event- is bigger, and badder than ever!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh!

    I LOVE the new cover.

    I don't really have anything to donate, though, just thought I'd comment on the cover. It's awesome.