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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So you are a writer?

Yes and a resounding no. It turns out that being an editor is a VERY large part of being a writer. I am not an editor. Does that mean I can still be a writer? I don't know. I can see some of the problems in my work but the largest issue is that I can SEE my own work. When I write a scene I see it inside my head. There are no pauses for a breath there is no beating the reader over the head with the smallest details because they are already there.
"A woman walks to her car and unlocks a door. Is it her house door? Of course not since she just walked up to her car."
I see no point in beating a reader over the head with the fact it is a car door. To me that is a waste of time. BUT that being said. I am wrong. You have to do that because too many readers don't seem to be able to remember something like that.
I am having doubts, for the first time since I ever sat at a keyboard and typed a single word I have never felt this low, ever.
I am going to go think for a while.


  1. Technically, you aren't wrong, actually.

    It's the 'a' that is throwing the reader off.

    You can say, "A woman walks to her car and opens THE door. Therefore it is the door to her car. You can get even more technical and say, "A woman walks to her car and opens the passenger side door.

    Don't feel low. Everyone goes through things like this, but you DON'T have to beat the reader over the head, you just need to watch what goes in front of the subject. :D

  2. Thanks Ms Tyson :)
    I have to admit I posted this in quite a bit of a huff. One of my biggest problems with writing is that I have begun to listen to too many people. Now all the input is causing conflicting issues.
    Your readers are very smart. Trust them to know what you are saying.
    Your readers aren't going to pay that close attention, you have to hold their hand through the entire work, it all boils down to. Just write the best you can.
    Thanks for the follow BTW!

    (On a completely different side note. This post has a F-K reading level of 2.8! Yay grade school writing! No I am the only writer in the world who didn't know what F-K was.)