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Monday, 8 August 2011

Diary of a middle aged stalker.

Yeah the title refers to me. It isn't really true actually. While I am middle aged I am not really a stalker. However I do tend to follow a few people on twitter with a little obsession. That is normal though right?
So you may ask... whom do you follow with the most gusto?
Oddly enough. It is this guy.
Now for those of you not in the know. That man is Wil Wheaton. Formerly known as many people in the acting world such as Stat Trek: TNG. However one of his latest acting visitations has been on the hit show "The Big Bang Theory. I have to admit every episode he does is full of awesome. You can see that Wil loves to work in them. Perhaps even more so since he gets to act in them as himself. Really, what more can you ask for? Another thing that really makes me admire this guy is the fact he is an actor that is also a full time father. He is there for his kids (see his posts on twitter) and even though he doesn't claim to understand them he is still there putting in the effort.
On a completely different side note he is even very close to me in age. I like to think that if we were to ever meet in a bar one night after a hard days work that this guy and myself would hit it off. A cold beer and just some conversation would be seriously awesome to me.
So now why am I talking about this so much? Well that is perhaps because I... I... I have no idea. It is just something that has been on my mind lately. I don't think Wil will be stopping in my small town anytime soon. Let alone having a beer on the one night I get to get out and just happen to be sitting there myself but if lightening were to strike. It would be a very cool way to spend an evening.
Do you stalk anyone on Twitter or other? Let me know in the comments below. Perhaps we can swap notes. ;)
P.S. As you can see on the top right I have finished Present Jumper. It is on it's third rewrite now and will soon be up for sale. Keep checking for it!

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  1. A while back I got on a Le Var Burton (AKA Geordi La Forge) kick on twitter. I followed him and couldn't get enough of his tweets. Finally I stopped having his ramblings come to my phone. But La Var Burton is no Will Wheaton. lol I love Will's appearances on Big Bang. I'd buy him a beer too if he came to town. Hilarious.