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Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have a dream!

Well I have lots of dreams but this morning I woke up with a dream fresh in my mind. The weirdest part was it was a dream I remember having as a young child. I mean really young. I can't remember the age but it would be when I was maybe 5 or so? Needless to say that was well over 30+ years ago. I have never had this dream again in all those years and for some reason it crept back into my mind last night. So I will now do my best to try and explain what happened in my dream... gulp.
Ok the setting. I believe it originally was in my grandmothers house. (Long gone) I was moving some old and very heavy dressers when one of them tipped over. I looked down as it fell and heard the crunch of broken wood. I knew something had broken and thought it was just the dresser. Standing it back up I inspected it and found it to be in tact so I looked down at the floor and found a crack in the old hard wood. I dug my fingers into the breaks in the wood and pulled up a section of the flooring about two feet by four feet long. The seams of the wood had been so close you couldn't tell they were there until I had broken them. With the wood gone it left an opening underneath the house. It was a small drop that extended out into complete darkness (This is where it gets weird) There was a dog laying in the space directly under the wood. He looked up at me and just stared. I had no idea why this dog was there so I just whistled to him to come on out. He took one look at me and his eyes seemed to say. "Ok, if you think you got it" and he danced out the front door. I called for my wife to bring me a flashlight so I could explore this space that no-one even knew was under the house. While I waited they started to come out from underneath. (Now we are into REALLY weird parts.)
They were dolls. Yep just dolls, about 8 inches tall. The older cheep kind with the cloth bodies and plastic faces yet they were not the kinds you want your kids to play with. The eyes were dark, black rimmed like someone had made them goth. Others looked to be alien only stretched out, melted almost. The first one out of the hole pretty much rushed to get out of the house as well and as I moved to grab it two others followed it up and started attacking me.
Now, remember I am an adult now and while some things scare me these little buggers do not. As a five year old (before Chucky) you can imagine they would instill some fear though.

They didn't even have any teeth or claws ( just cloth remember) yet they tried to nub me to death. I tossed one back into the hole and grabbed the other two, tossing them in. Reaching for the boards to try and cover the hole back up to keep the little demons inside I realized it was too far gone to fix without leaving the area for more wood. Then I realized the dog had been a guardian and I had released it too.
I started putting back what I could to block up the exit/entrance and the little monsters kept pushing past me. Every time I grabbed for one, two others would get by. I knew if they got past they would start to spread. Then I woke up to my alarm.

So... you have read all that and thought. That isn't that bad. I want you to know, I agree. It is just a dream. What really rocks my mind is that I have NEVER thought of this dream in the last 30+ years. I remember many of my childhood nightmares yet this one was completely forgotten. So what triggered it to come back? I was grown up in this dream, the problems with these things I had as a child were nothing this time. I assume I could have simply ripped the little devils to pieces if I had to. So what happened? Why this dream after all this time. Has anyone else had a dream come back to them from their childhood after so long? The dream the same as then only different? Adapted to the person you are now?
I really want to hear them. Tell me your dreams!

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