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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

To Indie or not to Indie... That is the question.

First off, I have a couple readers that might not know what "Indie" means. No, it most certainly does not mean Indian... Least not to me. It means independent, as in, self published. I have tossed the idea of self publishing around since the very last word of my very first book was typed into my laptop. How do I want to publish this? Others have asked me what road I am taking. We have debated it, (Always with mutual respect for opinions) and in the end I have come out with no real answer as to the best way to go. So I am going to travel both of the paths and see what happens. Yes, you can do that! Some books I will put up for sale myself, others I will try and sell to agents/publishers.
I already have my short story going up on Amazon. As soon as it is ready to buy I will be providing a link. OK I will be honest, I will be providing a TON of links. I am not sure how well this one will sell being of a shorter variety but it is a toe in the water so to speak. I am really looking forward to the reviews. Yep, I am that crazy. I KNOW they will not be all positive. In a way I am actually counting on that. It will give me a chance to hear what readers really think. I can guarantee that they will be honest; for the most part. Yes this is the age of the Internet, and yes, the trolls are still out there in full force. I am OK with that too. Call it a point of honor to me. If you have the attention of the Trolls then you must be in the limelight. Someone once said. "There is no such thing as bad press." While that too is debatable I think it has some merit.
As for my traditional publishing path. It is still on a very slow, hurry up and wait train. Did I mention it is slow? Being pretty new to this part of writing I really had no idea how long some agents can take to get back to you. Even with a "not for us but thanks" note. Yes, people are busy. I know all about busy; what with my 8-5 and my family as well as selling a house, moving, looking for a new place. You name it and I have probably done it or am doing it at this minute. Yet I find the time to still fit in things I care about. Be it writing, gaming, playing with my children spending time with my wife. You name it. You just make it work.
So agent's; why does it take up to four months to respond? I am sure there is a reason. I am not trying to be snarly just being me. Albeit, an impatient me. I have read during #askagent on twitter how most agents know in the first few minutes if the book is for them or not. So why does it take so long to reply? Anyone know the answer to this. It is a grey area in my knowledge and I would really like to learn more about it.
Till the next time and ohh...
Buy my book! (Kidding)(No really, buy it)
P.S. There is a link on the upper left side to get to my book PAST JUMPER pop in and grab a copy for yourself.


  1. its cool you found me on a next button
    ive never had such luck finding a good blog like that
    and the maple syrup diet didn't put me in the hospital just been lazy with blogging

    its cool your a writer
    publishing does sound scary, maybe they don't reply cos they like to feel all powerful and make you suffer?

  2. Thanks for returning the favor Sarah.
    And yep, I am a writer! Still fresh enough that it seems wierd to say it myself. I am not to sure that agents feel all powerful but it is an interesting idea. There are samples of my writing on the top left if you want to take a peek or you can hit up my book on kindle. It is short sweet and cheep.
    Till next time!