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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lightning can strike twice.

Perhaps this is old news to most of you. Actually, I know it is old news to almost everyone. I have met via the wonders of the interweb a writer named Amanda Hocking. That is her to the right. ---> That right, not your other right.  I had heard of her before via a news article about self published authors but never put  two and two together. Now that is has clicked thanks to a twitter friend I decided to go back to the very first post on her blog and follow this writer through her early (totally unedited) posts and read her journey to fame. If you haven't already read it or even looked at it I highly recommend it. Especially from the point of view as an writer. She doesn't seem to hold back at all in her writing. Her feelings and views about the whole process imitate my own so closely that it could be considered odd. It makes me feel good about my own process. No matter what agents say to my query's there are now other options. Lightning can strike twice.

** MILD PERSONAL RANT INCOMING  ** <You have been warned>

SO... after that little blurb it brings me to a total side note on the whole query process. As my followers know I am now receiving rejections on my story. It is OK, I understand that it is all part of the process. What I don't understand is this one line sent in a form rejection.

"Unfortunately, this manuscript does not look like it is for us, but we're sure other agents will feel differently."

I even had to read it a few times. If you are sure that "other" agents will feel differently, how bout sending me their email address? A name? Where they hang out? I know it is a kind way to say keep trying, you might have better luck with another sucker agent but c-mon! Really? If you are sure that another agent will feel that way why don't you feel that way. /Sigh ahh well I will continue my search. There really IS an agent out there that will love this book. I know it.

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  1. Haha, that line in form rejections always irks me, too. I understand saying "maybe another agent will feel differently" but saying you're *sure* someone else will feel differently ... Well, it's not actually true. A lot of agents have told me they're "sure another agent will feel differently", but so far ... no other agents have felt differently.

  2. I really hope I don't have to see to many more of them but I am still not happy with my Query and that is not a good thing. If I am not happy with it how can an agent?
    Hope one day we both can find an agent Brigid. Thanks for visiting and for commenting!

  3. I have received that one, too. Yet, I am waiting for those very agents, as well. However, I appreciate that one-liner more than the agents who do not even contact you at all--completely ignoring the fact they received your query to begin with. I find that to be extremely rude.

  4. I haven't received any yet since I'm still attempting to put together a decent query letter. At least you're one step ahead of me. Never give up, never stop trying, and always stay in your write mind.