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Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's official!

What you may ask? Well, that's what I am here to tell you. I have received my first OFFICIAL rejection letter. Please, please, hold the applause and just throw money. No really, please throw lots of money. I could use it to pay my unpaid copy editor. Speaking of which I would like to take a second and thank Witchywoman2118 for her help on this my... 5th total review/rewrite on my book.
I know this is my first rejection (OK really it is my second but the first didn't count since I saw it coming)  and I have to develop tough skin to be a writer. Even with a thick skin it still hurts in some way.
I didn't fall off the horse though. I re polished my query letter and promptly sent it out right away to the next agent in line. I have to admit though, this time I am wondering if I am crazy for doing it.
I walk around stores and look at the book section all the time. I see the short shelf life of a book and its ultimate disposal into a bargain bin and wonder. Is that where my work is to end up one day? How would it feel to be that writer with your work, your heart bled onto those pages to only see it end up in a bargain bin for 50c. I have to say that might be one of the hardest parts of all. For me only time will tell since as of yet; I haven't even sold my own work to myself.
So on that note I am back on the horse and waiting for a reply. Be it a form letter rejection, (If the work isn't right for you but you are sure it is for another agent then perhaps you could give me their email address next time?) or simply a note that "no thank you". It isn't right for your agency. I will persist. I will continue and at the very least. I will get better. (And tougher skin)


  1. Wooo congrats! I plan to start querying again soon, and thus will shortly have a lot more rejection letters to add to my pile ... *sighs* But I guess it's kind of a good thing; it makes it all the more amazing when you finally get a yes!

    I always think about that when I'm in bookstores, too. My friend and I recently discussed that ... how we would feel if, one day, we were published and saw our books in the bargain bin. It's kind of hard to say, since there are two reasons your book would be in the bargain bin. A) Nobody wants it. B) There are tons of copies of it, and everyone owns it already.

    Of course, getting published at all would make me extremely happy. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and I agree %100 it would be a new hurdle to get over but one I would be happy to take a stab at!

  3. Youre welcome! Lmao. We will make it work! I love the story so far!

  4. Sorry for the rejection. Hopefully, you will never make it to the point I have where I could wallpaper my office with paper rejections and the print-outs from emailed rejections. I do love your sense of humor about it, though. Keep up the positive attitude, and you will definitely succeed!