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Thursday, 4 April 2013

No apologies.

Nope, too many sorrys are being said these days.
I don't apologise for any lack of updates this time.
You know why?
It's because...I am writing!
Yes, that's the big deal.
Oh, there have been other things, lost teeth (kids, not me) birthdays, (Kids again, and wife, not me. I don't have those any more. 39 and holding I say) but that is life.
I have a story, a new one, stuck in my head. It formed a little while ago, and I couldn't let the idea leave. A couple of day later and I was already down 2k into that work, couple more days, 6k, couple more 13k. This idea just won't leave me alone. It's coming, and I am not going to let it stop.
The kicker?
It's a paranormal.
Everything else is right in the world. Except for one man. Dario. He finds out that somehow, he can pass himself, or anything he is carrying, through a mirror, into another world.
And the world inside the mirror, is...not the same as ours.
It's incredible, and I can't wait to have it done so I can start sharing it with others.

The even better part? I may have a real book cover for this one. A local artist I know has decided to help me out, we should have live actor pictures on this one.
*Crosses fingers*
I hope this all pans out. Would really love to see this story done right.
Till then!
-No Regrets-

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