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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Fair in our front yard!

So we are blessed where we live and a traveling fair comes through our little town once a year. It just so happens that this little Fair sets up right in our front yard. Literally...

Yep that is my front yard there... Now imagine if you will that you have two kids aged 4 and 5 and you can do the math as to what kind of fun this can be to a child. Also what kind of a headache it can be to an adult...
(Yes that is snow on the back mountain.)  

Those are my awesome kids who on the first day the Fair set up waited for over 7 hours for them to get ready. This is like an adult waiting for 3 months... They didn't complain until the very end. I have great kids! Their patience paid off in the end though. The owner of the Fair gave us all free passes for the day and we made the most of them. My five year old daughter even went on rides that I thought she would fly right out of. Her smile made it all worth while though. So all in all we had an awesome time and my kids have enough sugar to keep an ant nest happy for a lifetime. Here is too West Coast Amusements, Bingo the owner and another great turn out!


  1. That looks (and sounds) like so much fun!

  2. Yes, it is a good time for sure. My kids have been enjoying this in our front yard since they were born. It is almost a tradition now. :)

  3. OMG!! Your poor children! That photo of them standing at the window is CLASSIC!!