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Friday, 6 May 2011

Age it's not what it used to be.

So after a day in the sun my wife looked at me and asked the immortal question. So what are we going to have for dinner? With a quick glance at my HTC Desire HD that the same wife bought for me. (Yes, she does truly rock and I know you are all jealous) I saw that it was already 4:30 and way to late to be planning for dinner.
"Don't worry, I got it!" I said as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.
A quick drive down the street and I was waiting in line behind two older gentleman at the lovely local A+W.
I watched as the older gentleman waited for a cup of coffee and noticed his hands shake as he held on to his money.
An odd thought struck me then.

He was once just like me, and one day I will be just like him.

I know, this might seem blatantly obvious to most people reading this. Of course he was just like me, people aren't born old after all... but wait.
How many people really remember that today? So many of us are wrapped up in our own lives that we don't remember what it was like to be a kid, or a child. We only remember the now. It really sunk in that we need to have more respect for the older generation. They were after all just like us now, young, vibrant and full of dreams and I am sure they still are on the inside. As I watched the gentleman walk away with his coffee to sit and relax I wondered what he would have been like at my age. Was he a "ladie's man" was he a musician, or just a quiet gentleman that hung out in the back ground. As a writer I can't help but wonder what his story is? Has anyone written it down? I am doing my best to keep my own story down in the hopes that one day when I too am old and flying around in space on my personal space craft sipping a coffee that some young person will wonder about my own story. Times will change for me as they do for everyone. I really like to think the only thing that has changed for the elderly is the year on the calender.


  1. Hey - way to go! I like it, and it expresses the same perception as my mother gave a few yrs ago. At 91 or so she said "I am just the same on the inside as I was 20. The real me is the same, in here!"
    Give your mom a hug from me nx time you see her! Yes, your sweet wife, too! some day I'll get to meet her! Susan D

  2. I've thought the same thing so many times! You see a face full of lines & character & like you said, wonder....what is their story...
    Or an old couple holding hands,...what an inspiration!
    *your wife does completely rock!!!