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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Flops, Birthdays and Future!

OK so the contest below... It's a flop. Turns out that no-one wants to post a picture of themselves onto a blog. Even if it is the back of their head, their socks, whatever. I forget how people can be like that sometimes. BUT! The good news is that Shelly has felt sorry for me and told me if no-one enters then she will review my query letter instead. So my dear readers, your fears are my win. Thank you for being you.

In conjunction with that Shelly has her own contest. It kinda overshadowed mine but I am OK with that since I am coming out ahead anyway. But I digress, her contest is for a really real agent to read the first 250 words of your MS and if they are good enough you can get a 10 page read and perhaps representation... This would be an awesome birthday present to me. Yes, OK, it was my birthday a couple days ago and I am now nearing the ends of the 30s.
I had a realization on or around that day and I decided to get a little more serious about my writing. I want to be published by 40. It will happen, one way or another. So in that respect I have polished up my query letter, and am once again going over my finished book. This time with a much more critical eye. This book will shine when I am done with it! A person once told me that it takes three careers changes to find what you really want to do in life. I have only had two so far. Writing will be my third. So raise a glass and give a toast because no matter what, I am going to win this and writing will be my job.

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