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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Welcome to the #angryavi Contest!

Seems everyone is reluctant to have a picture of themselves posted up here for review. I can understand that so I am twisting the rules a tad.
It is still to be a picture of you and still to be the worst author shot you can think of BUT it doesn't have to be your face. It can be... your feet... the back of your head, your hand holding a book. It is totally up to you folks. Be creative! The best of the worst still wins a query review and that is totally worth it's weight in gold. Let's see those entry's!

Ok it is my turn to have a contest since it seems to be all the rage now. So in honor of my twitter friend @Shelley_Watters I have named this contest after my continual harassment of her. She has been fussing over her avi for quite a while now and I have been giving her a bit of a rough time about it. She has even gone on to blog about it recently. While I was reading her blog the random thought hit my brain to run the #angryavi contest. Her angry avi is the second one down in the last link in case you were wondering what it looked like. It doesn't look so mean when you see it larger like that. So here is the gist...

1- You need to follow my blog to enter. (Wouldn't hurt to follow Shelley's too, she is funnier then I am.)

2- You must use a photo of yourself in your best (worst) writer type pose. (I obviously can't find out if it really is you, honor system folks.)

3- Post a link to this contest on your own blog or tweet it and provide a link with your entry.

4- Have fun with your entry... Take a look at the shots here of some typical poses and do your worst!

Now for the best part. Even though I harass Shelley to no end she has agreed  to judge the contest for us and the winner will get a query critique from her. How can you go wrong with that! The contest will end on My 25th so that gives everyone 10 full days to do your worst! Since I can't win the contest but I wanted to submit my photo anyway here it is...

Let the contest... BEGIN!
I call this the lounging on the couch, you caught me working with chin on fist and hand on cheek pose. The air force shirt is just cause that's what I happened to be wearing at the time and it is just lame enough to add in here.

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